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A Fatal Twist of Lemon by Patrice Greenwood


(Wysteria Tearoom Mysteries, Book 1)
ebook $5.99
paperback $14.99

Cops drink coffee.

They don’t belong in Ellen Rosings’s Victorian tearoom. But when her opening day thank-you tea ends in the murder of the president of the Santa Fe Preservation Trust, the police invade her haven.

Enter Detective Tony Aragon: attractive and unsympathetic, with a chip on his shoulder that goes beyond the murder investigation,
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A Sprig of Blossomed Thorn by Patrice Greenwood


(Wysteria Tearoom Mysteries, Book 2)
ebook $5.99
paperback $14.99
241 pages

Notorious for failed relationships.

Ellen Rosings knows that’s true of cops. Detective Tony Aragon has even said it about himself, or something like it. Despite her misgivings, she is drawn to him, but can he reach past a cop’s cynicism to trust her?
As summer surrounds her Wisteria Tearoom in the beauty of a lush rose garden, death overshadows the tearoom a second time.
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An Aria of Omens by Patrice GreenwoodAN ARIA OF OMENS

(Wysteria Tearoom Mysteries, Book 3)
ebook $5.99
paperback $14.99
248 pages

A cop at the opera…

Wisteria Tearoom owner Ellen Rosings coaxes Detective Tony Aragón to go with her to the Santa Fe Opera, but the magnificent performance of Tosca ends in disaster. In bizarre counterpoint to the opera’s plot, the leading man is murdered in his dressing room, and Tony must rush to secure the crime scene. Ellen is left to comfort Vi Benning, a former server at the tearoom who is
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A Bodkin for the Bride by Patrice GreenwoodA BODKIN FOR THE BRIDE

(Wysteria Tearoom Mysteries, Book 4)
ebook $6.99
paperback $14.99
222 pages

Something old, something new, something dead…

It’s autumn in Santa Fe, and Ellen Rosings is planning her Aunt Nat’s wedding at the Wisteria Tearoom. Her progress is derailed by a dead body—yes, another one—that she finds in her aunt’s driveway.
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Greenwood-AMasqueradeofMuertos-200x300A MASQUERADE OF MUERTOS

(Wysteria Tearoom Mysteries, Book 5)
ebook $6.99
paperback $16.99
254 pages

Goths reenacting Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” on Halloween night…what could possibly go wrong?

Despite her desire to make the Wisteria Tearoom a haven of tranquility, Ellen Rosings can’t rid her parlors of the shadow of death. Fascinated with the tearoom’s resident ghost, her customers flock to spirit-tours-with-tea, and to crown all, the office manager and her Goth friends plan a Halloween masquerade recreating a classic horror story. read more


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