A Black Place and a White Place

Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries, Book 7

ebook $7.99
paperback $17.99
232 pages

When a Texan tourist turns up dead in a lonely arroyo at Ghost Ranch, questions arise that reach back to the Wild West. Murdered by outlaws, or by a lynch mob? Killed for money or for hate?


Finally done with the hectic holidays, Ellen Rosings gets a chance to relax. After catching up on researching the Wisteria Tearoom’s resident ghost, Captain Dusenberry, she and sweetheart Tony Aragón plan a long weekend at Ghost Ranch, where artist Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted the colorful northern New Mexico landscapes.

Hiking, horseback riding, and a tour of O’Keeffe’s studio are on the agenda, but finding a body is not. Alas, even the most careful plans are subject to change. When a ranch guest from Texas dies, Ellen and Tony must collaborate to identify the killer—but he suspects Ellen’s new friend. Are they headed for a clash?

This cozy mystery is the seventh in the Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries series.




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