At long last…an Audio edition for A BODKIN FOR THE BRIDE

A BODKIN FOR THE BRIDE by Patrice Greenwood audiobook edition

I am delighted to announce a new audiobook! Reader Kristin James brings Ellen and all the Wisteria Tearoom characters to delightful life in this brand new, first-ever audiobook edition of A Bodkin for the Bride.

The book is available now at the audiobook retailers below. If your favorite store isn’t on this list, check there anyway and maybe send them a note asking when the book will be available.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

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  1. Well poop! What happened to Dina Pearlman…?

    I just listened to her read the first three books, really enjoyed them (enough to listen through all three one after the other), and am looking forward to more, but changing teh voices part way through a series is verry jarring to the listener.

    Also, is there any info on when number 4 will be available through Audible UK…?



  2. Hooray! I am incredibly excited. đŸ˜€ Thank you.

  3. I don’t mean to be rude & I understand that I may not be navigating this web site very well but….I am inquiring if there is going to be another tea room novel…not an audio. A simple yes or no will accomadate. Thank you.

    • Patrice Greenwood

      Yes! The next Wisteria Tearoom Mystery will be A BLACK PLACE AND A WHITE PLACE. Stay tuned for more information, or join the Wisteria Tearoom Group on Facebook.

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