Coming Soon! Wysteria Tearoom Mystery #2

A Sprig of Blossomed ThornA Sprig of Blossomed Thorn

Summer surrounds the Wisteria Tearoom in the beauty of a lush rose garden. Alas, the death of a venerable member of the Santa Fe Rose Guild in the tearoom’s front parlor throws proprietress Ellen Rosings into a morass of doubt and conjecture. Was it murder, or merely misfortune? The more Ellen learns about the inner politics of the Rose Guild, the more she suspects foul play.

Coming June 18, 2013!



  1. Oh how I loved your wisteria tearoom mystries! Ido hope u add many more books to this series. I’m a tea lover myself andhost an annual gardentea each year in Jun. We ladies and children have a waonderful time. I oftenthouhgt about doing a murder mystery tea and now after reading yourdelightful books I think I’ll do it!!! Thank you for such wonderful stories and in the next book maybe Tony and she will finally get together!

  2. Thank you! I am working on a third book which is scheduled to come out in June 2014.

    Your garden tea sounds delightful! As for murder mysteries – if you happen to be within reach of Albuquerque, the St. James tearoom is doing a special one in September:

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