Finding a New Book to Read

You’re probably familiar with that dreadful feeling when you reach the end of a series of books.

Now what do I read???

Here are some ways to explore what to read next:

~ Ask the Book Seer for suggestions. (Try it, it’s a hoot!)

~ Check the “also boughts” for the book you just finished at your favorite online bookstore.

~ Seen a good movie lately? Maybe it was based on a book.

~ Visit Goodreads for reviews and suggestions from other readers.

~ Ask the staff in a brick-and-mortar bookstore for recommendations. Dedicated booksellers love sharing their favorites!

~ Join a book club! They will help you pick something new to read.



  1. Hello from a new reader. I just finished A Fatal Twist of Lemon (kindle e-book with audio) yesterday. I discovered your books through the Cozy Mysteries Bingo Challenge group on Goodreads. We are focusing on culinary cozies this summer.

    Great suggestions for finding books to read! Another way I have been successful in finding books I have enjoyed is by checking out what author’s I enjoy liked (either by seeing notes on their blog/website or looking at their Read list on GR, etc.).

    My son is moving to NM (Taos) next weekend. It is one of many reasons your book caught my attention. I love tea, too, and going out for tea. I wish the Wisteria Tearoom was a real place, so I could go visit when I get out there to visit my son.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your series! Is Wisteria White a real tea? If so, I’ll have to get some to drink during future reads. 🙂

  2. Patrice Greenwood

    Cheryl –

    Welcome to the series and welcome to New Mexico to your son! Thanks for your suggestion – and you’ve reminded me that I need to update my current reads on Goodreads.

    While the Wisteria Tearoom is fictional, I’m happy to inform you that Wisteria White tea is real! This is thanks to the St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque (, which is the inspiration for the Wisteria Tearoom. The St. James had their wonderful tea blender create Wisteria White, and you can buy it there loose-leaf or request it when you go to tea there. I highly recommend a visit to the St. James when you come to New Mexico!

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