Parlor – February-April 2015

parlor201412Welcome to the parlor archive for February-April 2015! If you would like to post a comment, please visit the current Parlor page.

A month into the new year already. I am still learning to write “2015” on my checks. The days are perceptibly longer, though, and I am taking a serious look at my seed catalogs. Up in the mountains we still have snow, but it’s time to place my order.

I’ve been getting rid of old things that no longer serve me. Some are being replaced with newer and better, some are just going away for the sake of reducing clutter. Making space for something better, even if it’s just additional space.

May your springtime be filled with delights!

– Patrice

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  1. I loved your reaction series. I hope you are planning on continuing the series.

  2. The word reaction in my previous comment should be tea room.

    • I kind of like “reaction series,” though I’m not exactly sure what it would be.

      Glad you like the books!

  3. I recently discovered your series and devoured all three books in one weekend! I agree with Drucilla Dickey…I hope you continue the series.

    • Thank you, Teri! I have every intention of continuing the series. I also have a couple of possible short stories in mind.

  4. Love the tearoom series! Thanks to bookbinder for introducing you to me!

  5. Thanks, Janis, and thanks for letting me know you found the books through BookBub!

  6. Patrice Greenwood

    First daffodil bloomed yesterday! Hurrah for spring!

  7. I agree with Drucilla, Teri & Janis please continue your tearoom series ~
    I can’t wait to see how Ellen’s relationship with Tony goes.

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