Teacup for January

Thank you to everyone who voted in the teacup of the month poll! The voting was pretty close:

  • Peony – 68 votes
  • Wisteria – 76 votes

Here is the winning teacup, the Wisteria cup. Happy New Year to you all! May 2022 expand all of your blessings!

If you’d like to vote for my teacup next month, just make sure you’re signed up for the Teacup of the Month Poll under your subscription preferences.



  1. The Wisteria tea cup is beautiful. I have been trying to find a beautiful tea set such as this but My search for one was unsuccessful. Please let me know where to purchased a beautiful set such as the Wisteria.

    • Patrice Greenwood

      This cup was produced in the mid-20th century, I believe. You can find pieces in this wisteria pattern (and other wisteria patterns) online. Just search on “wisteria teacup.”

      ~ Patrice

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