Tea’d Out in Santa Fe

Reporting from the chaise longue, where I am recovering from a delightful if exhausting weekend in Santa Fe. The Investigation was a success! Details to come in the Wisteria Tearoom Group on Facebook*.

A small but intrepid group of investigators combed the streets of Santa Fe for clues while collecting evidence of many opportunities for dining and shopping. The rain held off until after the walking tour (thank you, weather deities), and while the skies did open in the afternoon, the driving tour went off successfully. No one got lost!

On Sunday the investigation continued at the St. James Tearoom in Santa Fe, where we all enjoyed their full afternoon tea.

The Staab House was the perfect meeting space for us, and La Posada de Santa Fe provided elegant and delicious refreshments. A marvelous time was had by all.

*Apologies to members of the MeWe group. MeWe has inexplicably locked me out of my account there and I can no longer access the page.



  1. When are you going to continue your Wisteria Tearoom series? You are leaving us without a lot of story answers.

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