Parlor – July 2017

Welcome to the parlor! Please come in and make yourself comfortable. Have a cup of tea and say hello.

Summertime! Iced tea and stargazing! Gardening and long walks!

I adore spending time in gardens, and this year I’ve had the good fortune to visit the beautiful Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. I have visited before, and enjoyed afternoon tea at their tea house. On this occasion I opted for tea at the Noodle House in the Chinese Garden. Simply delightful!

– Patrice

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  1. Just finished intermezzo. My reaction when I finished the last page was “ohh, it’s finished!” Then rationality set in, and I could console myself with there IS another one coming…….just never quickly enough for this greedy soul, lol

  2. Enjoying these books so much, thanks!

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