It’s Release Day!

Book 8 is out at long last!

I hope you enjoy it! I shall be collapsed on the chaise longue, sipping champagne, wondering if we’ll get through a full day without someone asking me when the next one will be out.

And then later, if I have the energy, I may bake up a batch of rose almond cookies. They’re addictive, I’m afraid. (What have I done?)

coverStay tuned for news about the Zoom release party later this month!





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  1. Love your books! My family loves doing Garden Teas. Last year (or the one before Covid) my granddaughters elite hockey team of 16 year olds did a garden tea fundraiser and raised $7,000. The girls helped with baking setting tables, arranging flowers and serving tea to the 125 delighted guests. So much fun and a lifetime of tea enjoyment ahead for the girls!

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