Oh, look! A little book!

It’s here this week! A new Intermezzo.

I do hope you enjoy this little morsel. I certainly had fun writing it.

One of the reasons I write these interludes is that there is stuff happening in the story that is not mystery-related, particularly, but that I must sort out before I can get on to the next murder. So there you go, my palate is clean and I’m off and running on the next book, which will be Wisteria Tearoom Mystery #8.

Meanwhile, enjoy Household Matters, and check out the latest newsletter for more details.




  1. I just finished reading the first and second tearoom mystery books. I enjoyed them very much!

  2. I have read and reread the Wisteria books. All of them, and I love them. They are so human and lifelike. I keep picturing all the people within the covers! Now I eagerly await the move into their new home, their wedding and
    The continued delights that the new kitty provide.
    Thank you for your lovely books.

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