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Winter has a strong grip on us this year. That’s good news for our forests – it means the fire season won’t be as terrifying as it might be – but blankets of snow limit the winter gardening activities. Fortunately, this is the perfect excuse to sit by the fire with a good book!

I am currently reading To Say Nothing of the Dog by dear Connie Willis, a brilliant author and a lovely lady. What’s on your bookshelf (or lap)?

– Patrice

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  1. I read because I love to read and reading out loud gives me the opportunity to share with my visually impaired sister-in-law. We stumbled upon A Fatal Twist of Lemon and have been hooked ever since. More tea, please!

    • Patrice Greenwood

      (pours tea)

      Reading aloud is wonderful. My spouse and I read the entire Harry Potter series aloud to each other.

  2. MaryAnn McAllister

    I am hooked on your series, I have a long commute daily so I listen to books through Audible. Unfortunately I am almost done with #3 and #4 (Bodkin for the Bride) isn’t on Audible, can you tell me if or when it will be available? I love your books and can’t wait to read/listen to more.

    • Patrice Greenwood

      Alas, I cannot. Audible has not yet picked up book #4. It might encourage them if you sent them a message saying how much you’re looking forward to it.

  3. I am so in love with this series…I have just finished An Aria of Omens and so much looking forward to book #4. I adore how alive all the characters are and love how I can smell the garden as Ellen roams cutting for stems for the tearoom. Patrice Greenwood has quickly become one of my most treasured finds and I look so forward to more Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries.

    • Patrice Greenwood

      Thank you, Amanda! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series and immersing yourself in the tearoom! I, too, am looking forward to book 5!

  4. Anna Brigitta Bergh

    Have read your four first books three times each and utterly loved them. Am eagerly awaiting book number five.
    Thank you!

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