Parlor – May-July 2016

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Spring flew by! What happened? It’s already almost summer!

Many of you have told me you are looking forward to the release of Book 5, A Masquerade of Muertos. So am I! The release date is now set: August 9, 2016. The book is finished and going through the publication process. I hope you’ll like it!

– Patrice

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  1. Cannot sign up for newsletter – keep getting an error message?

  2. Stephanie Malott

    Lovely series. I love the small details you add to the story about tearoom and all the wonderful recipes.

  3. Being from Albuquerque, NM makes your books mean much more to me. Unless you have lived or visited here you cannot properly appreciate the “Enchantment of New Mexico”. Please keep writing your wonderful stories – and how about more with Captain Dusenberry and, of course, Tony!

    • Patrice Greenwood

      Thanks, Judith! I will certainly keep writing about Ellen, Tony, and Captain Dusenberry as long as the inspiration continues!

  4. Pauline Wiggins

    Have enjoyed all of the wisteria tea room series looking foward to your new book

  5. Bought the series just ’cause I love tea shop mysteries. A closed society for gentle meetings, yet! I read them each with a burgeoning sense of being able to welcome these characters into my life–long term.THANK YOU, I LOVE THE SERIES

  6. Patrice Greenwood

    Thanks, Ria! So glad you like the books!

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