A Bit of Music

Ah, Autumn! The nights are getting longer and cooler and the days are delicious. I have an abundance of apples from my tree and am enjoying cooking with them and sharing them with friends.

I have something to share with you, too, dear readers! I have created a Wisteria Tearoom Theme!

This piece is closely related to Intermezzo: Business Matters, which came out in August. If you’ve read the whole series, or even a few, you’ll probably remember references to “Contessa Perdono” from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. This poignant song is one of Mozart’s finest, and it plays an important part in the Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries. I have felt that many of you might be curious about it, but perhaps not curious enough to find a recording and track down this one brief song in an entire opera. Still, I have wanted you to know what it sounds like, so this year I made it into a theme for the series. The first time through the melody is very much like what you’d hear in the opera. After that, I let the musicians go a little crazy.

The instrumentation may seem familiar if you’ve read Business Matters. It comprises piano, Irish flute, and harp. In fact, as I wrote this piece, I realized that it was a scene in the book. The scene was actually written after the music was arranged.

The “Wisteria Tearoom Theme” is available at no charge from Bandcamp. I hope you enjoy it!


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